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3 million+ successful infringement removals across grey & black market resellers

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VantageBP reseller reports identify the size of the threat on the marketplace and are provided within 2-3 business days. Scroll down to learn more ↓

Marketplace Monitoring

VantageBP maintains a catalog of your products, relevant keywords, and intellectual property to detect product listings of your brand across online marketplaces. Our scans identify 3rd party resellers, flag unauthorized listings, and track product price points.

Reseller Enforcement

Verification requests are sent to resellers requesting proof of authenticity and condition of the products being sold. If an infringement is detected, VantageBP automates the filing of case-appropriate takedowns to remove the infringing product listings. 

Over 160+ Marketplaces

Maintain global coverage across an integrated network of e-commerce marketplaces, social media platforms, 3rd party websites, and search engines. Not on our list? We can integrate coverage on a new marketplace as soon as 5 business days.

Trusted by Companies of All Sizes

We work directly with brands, as well as partner with law firms, distributors, e-commerce agencies and advertising specialists to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Read about how we helped HDMI here.

"All I can say is WOW! VantageBP has delivered dramatic and effective results since literally day one. We've seen our sales through Kaspien double and sell prices steadily increase since we engaged them in December. These guys are really on their game!"

Northstar Games

Games & Accessories

Using VantageBP’s Brand Protection Technology, a Unilever brand with over 1,200 infringing product listings and 140 unauthorized resellers reduced Amazon infringement activity by 90% within 30 days of starting, experiencing a significant sales increase.

Pukka Herbs

Tea & Supplements

Simple Plans for any Budget

VantageBP offers month to month plans that are flexible and transparent. We offer discounts for longer term engagements and higher volumes of brands. We also offer the ability to change out marketplace coverage at the end of each monthly cycle.


For brands that only need coverage on a single marketplace
What's included:
Real Time Dashboard
Enforce up to 40 Resellers in a Month
Twice Monthly Scanning Intervals
Monitoring for 1 Marketplace
Automated Seller Verification Requests
Email Support


For brands that need an extra bump of service for a single marketplace
What's included:
All Starter Features
Enforce up to 80 Resellers in a Month
Weekly Scanning Intervals
Monthly Activity Reports
Certified Mail Seller Warning Notices
Online Seller Investigations


Coverage across three marketplaces with additional perks  
What's included:
All Starter+ Features
Enforce up to 160 Resellers in a Month
Twice Monthly Activity Reports
Monitoring for 3 Marketplaces
Dedicated Account Manager
Phone Support


For brands that need global coverage and customized service offerings
Options available:
All Complete Features
Enforce over 1,000+ Resellers in a Month
Daily Scanning Intervals
Monitoring across 160+ marketplaces
3rd Party Website Removals
Dedicated Partner & Account Manager
Customized Reporting Options

Our Services

Smart data analysis and advanced pattern recognition weeds out suspect product listings and resellers for review. 

File expedited enforcement actions against trademarks, copyright images, and patent infringements using automation.

Gain rich reseller information such as company name, company address, known suppliers, company contacts, and more.

Send automated physical notices through mail to addresses that have been identified through our routine investigations.

Identify unauthorized grey market resellers and expedite infringement removal on individual marketplaces.

Unique marketplace relationships give us unparrellel access in expediting enforcement actions and sending seller notifications.

Facilitate the purchase of products to identify shipping addresses and confirm the authenticity/condition.

We leverage a combination of machine learning and industry techniques to identify unknown resellers.

Brand Protection for the Modern World. Get Covered Today.

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